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‘Conference management is exciting. Your travel calendar is the envy of most travel lovers and you know every airport, every hotel in the country inside out. Renowned personalities and VIPs are a part of your daily ‘Contacts’ list.’

That’s a typical non-industry person’s perception about the conference management professionals. While all of the above is not off the mark, conference management is certainly not just an exciting job with hefty pay checks. Sometimes, you wonder if the Murphy’s Law exclusively applies to the conference management industry. While a conference manager regularly conjures up grand conferences/events on picturesque locales with top ranking officials, VIPs, renowned dignitaries and even heads of states in attendance, he also handles stress that is often more challenging than a 9g spin in a supersonic jet. While as an outsider, you might see enchanting pictures of a destination and magnificent arrangements in luxury hotels/resorts, only the conference manager knows the ‘behind the scenes’ story. From dealing with fabricators, printers, sound and light vendors, decorators, caterers, security, transportation, liaison with authorities, managing the media, monitoring the online promotions/ticket sales, registrations/check-ins of guests,  getting the camera crew the right angles, to ensuring that clean linen is in place in every guest room, the conference manager does it all successfully and simultaneously.

The joy part of the whole exercise comes when the clients/delegates and all concerned experience a seamless hassle-free conference and applaud your hard-work. That’s the main incentive which makes a good conference manager thrive under pressure day after day.

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