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While leading Indiattitude, a key player in MICE Industry in India, sometimes I wonder if I were a client for the Meetings industry, how difficult it would be to make a choice out of all the PCO options available for selection. The market dynamics have changed and we are entering the age of perfect competition, where service-offering differentiation is making way for pure competition.

The competing companies are at different stages of evolution though. While some have the ‘been there done that’ approach with signs of complacency, some are global players with challenges of adaptability and controlling quality and then there are growth stage companies like us with great delivery potential, which are high on spirits and enthusiasm to excel and get to the next level.

As a client, considering the older players would seem to be a safe bet as they would have the past to back them up for delivery, however, in the hindsight new ideas and innovation may take a back seat with them. The global players will have a lot to offer from their experience and network in the global market, but, they will come with the challenge of local talent exposure and possible difficulties in matching up to global benchmarks. As impartial as I can be to companies like us, the focus on delivery and enthusiasm to grow and innovate will be the differentiating factors along with the limitations of global presence, which is rapidly becoming irrelevant with the digital communication.

In most cases though, the technical evaluations lead to ‘price’ being the deciding factor. Price is an important factor and competitiveness will ensure appropriate pricing from companies.  So does this justify the time our clients spend to make a selection with complicated and time consuming processes?

Yes or No, hope we find the answer someday, but, for now we know that “Our Client’s Dilemma of Selection will continue to be our Dilemma of Getting Selected”

Amit Saroj

Chief Creative Officer & CEO

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