Brands gathered to influencers in masses to help sell their products and services to already engaged audiences. Influence marketing will continue to be the driving force for whoever is looking to grow their audience through social media in 2018.

Here are few pointers to keep in mind while engaging in this activity.

  1. Understanding the Audience

The important to know who your target segment is, what type of content they are consuming, and what social channels are they engaging with.


  1. Picking the right Influencers

Next step is to pick the right influencer who can serve as the bridge between the event and its goal Influencer marketing campaign depends on identifying the right people who can drive more traffic while influencing others therefore driving an increase in delegate registration.


  1. Plan well ahead of time

Expected results of your influence campaign should be decided right in the very beginning. The objectives primarily is to encourage delegate registrations but also some of the common objectives are increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your websites and creating event recall and long term engagement


  1. Pre-Event Engagement

Influencers start engaging with the audience before the event to create awareness about the event. This type of content from influencers can help increase credibility for the event from the perspective of the potential delegates


  1. Onsite Event Engagement

Influencers can indulge in live tweeting and posts pictures/videos from the event on their Facebook or Instagram accounts to keep people aware of the things that are happening live at the event. This will create a positive buzz about the event and lead to more people engaging with our content across various social media channels


  1. Post Event Engagement

Post event engagement activity, influencers can write blog posts or reviews which can help sustain the interest levels and engagement despite the event being over.


  1. Follow up Feedback

It would be a good idea to reach out to not just the attendees but also influencers for their feedback about the event. Alongside feedback being generated, you will also have more views and impressions that can be potential leads which can be tapped into in the future.


  1. Incentives for influencers

It is essential to offer incentives to all the influencers who will be working on the event. This necessarily doesn’t mean financial compensation, you can also compensate with a simple thank you tweet, free products or an exclusive post featuring the influencers.


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