Organizing green events has become a driving factor for a lot of organisations, and sustainability is crucial at all the stages of an event. Since events can exhaust the environment to an extent, they become central points for environmental concerns. Here are the ways in which an event can be converted into a green event:

Venue and Transportation: Selecting the most convenient, sustainable location for the event, and environmentally sensitive hotel accommodations is the primary step towards organizing a green and sustainable event. One should always choose a place that has some environmental commitment

Catering or Food and Beverage: The choice of menu for your event that complies with sustainability values counts. Here’s how you can fix up your menu: offer healthy and organic food; make sure you consider the meal requirements of participants and include vegetarian meals into the menu; try to order locally produced food which would reduce gas emissions used during transportation.

  • Energy and water: The reduction of energy and water waste is possible if you adjust event requirements to the optimal appliances, use lower energy consumption equipment. Start by eliminating any water or energy leaks – there should be no redundant wastages. Install water-saving taps and lighting facilities to mitigate pernicious effects. Along with the rest stated above, one can consider using carbon offsets by purchasing specific carbon credits or planting trees in the area.

Promotion and Marketing: As the world is growing in all spheres, the gap between people is decreasing as everything is getting digitized, for that matter people are shifting their domain to online platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and other networking platforms. So, this has led to the decreased usage of paper and has increased the reach.

Printing & Signage: If your event demands some printing, opt for green paper! Here are some important steps one can consider for reusable printing: choose the paper with the highest level of reusable content; avoid elements like ink, foils, or labels, which can possibly have adverse effects on the environment & include the recycling on all printed materials to inform the attendees about your environmental concerns and spread the same message.

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