Experience is what an attendee will carry back with him/ her.  An attendees’ experience doesn’t begin the moment they arrive at your venue, in fact it kick starts the moment they discover your event. The source of discovery of the event could be through an advertisement or through a colleague. These days social media has completely taken us over in all aspects, as from intricate details of our day to world news, we find everything on social media. Talking about the new feature launches that are happening every day, social media stories are little excerpts of an entire ordeal. Going through a social media story is like a flipbook.

As we are way too conscious about what’s trending on the internet, we need to keep ourselves updated with what goes around in the industry and for that even before an event occurs we need to build up that excitement in the attendees, we are supposed to create that buzz which gives constant reminders to attendees at the same time keeps them in the loop.

Every now and then social media platform is coming up with new feature, and is basically shrinking the world. Any story stays up for 24 hours on that particular platform, an event organizer can express the production process, can take in polls, can conduct contests etc., and keeps the attendees connected.

Make it go hashtag consistently; this can help you boost the online conversation around your conference — and ultimately, your registration sales. These hashtags help you to circulate information that you want to bring in the limelight.

So, use the power of social media, to turn your event into gala event!


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