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One of our clients while explaining the importance of service in a hotel stated “The devil is in the detail”. We could not have agreed more, as it resonated with one of our core values which is “Attention to Detail”

Over the years of service in the meetings industry, whenever we have experienced service delivery gaps, analysis would reveal that such incidents can easily be attributed to lack of attention or oversight on a specific detail relevant for delivery.

Personally, I think it is one of the most important trait for any of our team members and revolves around the basic behavioural DNA of the person. It is something that has to be ingrained and difficult to be on the training agenda of an organisation.

Looking back, we could have avoided some lost accounts and even added a few more to our large portfolio of accounts in the industry today, if ‘Attention to Detail’ was second nature to every team member over the years.

Gathering client expectations to communicating with participants, capturing data to execution through reports, preparing event plan to onsite production, every time we have excelled has been due to our close ‘Attention to Detail’ in the projects.

We conclude the delivery promise of our business can not be fulfilled unless we are fighting this devil every minute on behalf of our customers.

Amit Saroj

Chief Creative Officer and CEO


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