The year 2018 trends clearly establish the fact that this year will be one of simplifying processes and value-added events. It includes all the new launches that have made organizing an event easier and hassle-free. So here are a few trending ideas that organizers are working on:

Virtual Reality– This digitally engages your audience in your product and brand with a virtual reality experience that will increase conversion and sales. Allowing a prospect to handle your product using VR or AR virtually is as good as placing the real thing in their hands. Use the power of VR and AR technology to make your virtual world a reality at your next event or presentation

Marketing Tricks– Even the most innovative and trending event needs a solid marketing plan in place for being attended by attendees. Ensure that you are on the same page with your stakeholders, such as vendors, suppliers, and exhibitors; keep your messaging clear and all other marketing efforts consistent.

With a plethora of marketing automation tools, event professionals can now stay on top of their marketing game by launching riveting email campaigns, while monitoring social media and engaging in online conversations. Talking of social media, we can see event live streaming is also trending and is at its boom.

Focus on Giveaways– Being event organizers we are aware of the ins and outs of the event, so one should never fail to answer “why” of an event. This is something that should resonate throughout the entire gathering. The audience should be able to find their purpose in the event. There should be a purpose-focused agenda. The 2018 event trends tell us that this year will be one of purpose-driven and value-added events. The attendees should able to find a reason to come back for events that you organize later.

Escalate Security– Making sure your event is as secure as possible without causing alarm for attendees is an important balance to strike. It is important to take care of the attendees’ security and the feeling of safety within the event premises is crucial for both the organizers and attendees. There are a few grounds that the organizers are supposed to take care of, like Customer security, health and safety, risk management, and event security.



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